How to Choose the Perfect Siding Color

Enhancing Your Home's Aesthetic with the Right Color Choice
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Remodeling your home is an exciting time: scrolling through Pinterest, making inspiration boards, daydreaming of the new transformation. But when faced with the question of choosing a siding color, do you feel overwhelmed? You’re not alone! Selecting a siding color is a daunting task—it’s not as simple as painting a room or buying a new piece of furniture. Once you’ve made the decision, changing your siding color isn’t as easy. But fear not! We’re here to guide you through the process and help you make the perfect choice.

Harmonizing Existing Features

The best siding color will depend on the existing combinations of hues of your front door, roof, trim, deck, and other exterior elements. A well-coordinated color scheme can tie these elements together and enhance your home’s overall aesthetic. You can choose a siding color that creates harmony with previous features or opt for a contrasting color that turns heads.

How Big is Your House?

Consider the size of your home when selecting a color. Bold or darker colors can make a larger house look ominous, while lighter, neutral colors can help smaller homes blend into the surroundings.

What Color is Your Roof?

Your roof color should be a top consideration when choosing your siding color. If your roof is dark, you could go for a bold look with darker siding or create contrasting curb appeal with a lighter color. Ask your sales rep for personalized house rendering to visualize different siding and roof color combinations.

What is Your Neighborhood Like?

Take a stroll around the neighborhood and pay attention to homes similar to yours. While it’s fun to let your style shine through, consider other homes in the area. Your color selection should complement the neighborhood aesthetic and abide by any association regulations.

What is Your Climate?

Consider Minnesota’s seasons and how they will affect the hue of your home. A siding color may look different on a beautiful summer day compared to a gloomy, cold winter season. Choose a color that will withstand the changing seasons and maintain its appeal year-round.