Choosing the Perfect Roof Color

Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal and Long-Term Value
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Your home’s curb appeal plays a major role in projecting it’s value. Curb appeal is the first impression that your home makes when seen for the first time. That being said, selecting a roof color will take time and consideration to make a final decision. 

There are countless ways you can coordinate roofing, siding, and trim to let your style shine through. Typically, your roof accounts for up to 40% of your home’s visual exterior, so it deceivers as much consideration as you’d devote to an interior home project. 

  1. A rule of thumb is to choose a darker shade for your roof than your siding. This is because it will keep your house looking balanced. With certain houses, a dark-colored home could looked draped with a darker roof. Be sure to ask your contractor for a roof and siding color rendering so you can make the decision if you are looking for a darker home aesthetic. However, instead, opt for a lighter roof color to create contract and drama.
  2. Roofing is a long-term investing. What is trendy today might not be in a decade. Choosing timeless colors ensures that your home appeals to future buyers, regardless of the passing home trends. Consider neutral tones like greasy, beiges, charcoal, and slate. Their versatility and enduring appeal will be heavily favored.
  3. If you are attracted to a darker roof, it is important to consider that darker roofs will absorb heat. This means having a black roof on your home will return you to use your cooling system more often in the summer. This will increase your energy bills during the summer season. On the other hand, lighter roofs will absorb less heat.
  4. Be mindful of your neighbors. You don’t want your house to stand out for the wrong reasons, especially if you are looking to sell down the road. Choose a color that harmonizes well with the coexisting homes in your neighborhood. An off-beat color might make it harder for you to sell or rent your property, which, to mention again, choosing more neutral tones will be beneficial.