Roofing Reality Check: The Hidden Impact of Asphalt Shingles

Uncovering the Environmental Side Effects of Your Roofing Choices. Let’s talk about something often overlooked – your roof. Turns out, the shingles you pick can have a bigger impact on the environment than you’d imagine. We’re about to unravel the truth about asphalt shingles and why it’s worth a second thought. The Downside of Asphalt Shingles:

PermaLock Aluminum Shingles: A Sustainable Roofing Revolution

Revolutionizing Green Roofing with Durability, Style, and Environmental Stewardship​. At Super Siders, our commitment to curiosity isn’t just a company value; it’s the driving force behind discovering and offering the best solutions to our customers. Our journey has led us to champion environmentally responsible choices, and one shining example is PermaLock Aluminum Shingles.